About Buddy

Your friendly virtual guide


Birthday: June 20, 2018
Height: 3”0’
Birthplace: Metaverse
Mission: To show everyone that virtual realities are easy and transformative
Profession: Cyber Sherpa
Favorite Song: Ozzy Osbourne's “Rock Me Like a Hurricane”
Favorite Colors: Baby Blue and Silver. Blue representing Loyalty, Trust, Integrity, Responsibility, Knowledge, Professionalism. 
Favorite TV Station: The Comedy Channel, Animal Planet
Favorite Movie:  Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Favorite Game Company: Atari
Favorite Game: Frogger
Favorite Food: Virtual ninja fruit 
Hobbies: Exploring all virtual realities, collecting robots
Favorite Quote: “We all live every day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas." - Michael Crichton
Buddy was born in the Metaverse. The endless possibilities of the Metaverse have given RenewVR’s mascot his distinct personality and personal history.
He symbolizes evolution and technological good through his curiosity, helpfulness, social skills, and warm-heartedness.
The name “Buddy”...
     Definition of Buddy: good friend, comrade, partner, chum
     Meaning of Buddy: From the English word meaning “friend”. 
Buddy’s Role
Buddy is here to help you get familiar with virtual reality. He knows the ins and outs of the technology, the options that are best for your situation and the games or experiences that would best suit your goals.
Each month Buddy sends out a helpful newsletter with tips for using VR and finding great content. He’ll also send social media tips throughout the month.
Buddy is interactive, you’ll find him in unexpected places, online, in Facebook Spaces and AltSpace, and AnyLand. 
He makes VR simple. Because let’s face it, there are some folks who talk about VR is a complicated way and the fact is that VR is not just for gamers or scientists, it's for ALL OF US. There are some great practical uses for it, and Buddy, your friendly virtual guide, can tell you how to get you going.
As a sign of his undying passion for all virtual realities, he always carries his headset, and sometimes his haptic gloves to invite people to play with him.
Buddy’s main priority, says Lisa Padilla, CEO of NewPathVR is to turn the world onto “VR for the rest of us" and show the thousands of people discovering VR daily how to get started with this amazing technology.
Buddy was designed in-house by our talented designer, Daria Siganova.

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